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Thank you for your interest in our Telephone Counselor opportunity. I have included some general information here. There are absolutely NO
FEES what so ever.
****PLEASE NOTE Unfortunately at this time we are unable to hire from the following area codes: 201,206,253,334,360,407,503,561,608, 818,661 and 973. Please check back in the future as this may change.******
This is a genuine opportunity to work as a reader/counselor and get paid for it. If you find yourself interested after reading all the information in this website then please fill out the application and as soon as I receive it I will get back with you. If you find you have have questions please be specific and send me a email at
Once I recieve your application then the next step would be to set up a interview/orientation. You will receive an email with instructions.
Let me just say, that you will LOVE this job!!! Not only can the income be terrific, but the flexibiltiy is great as well.
If you are not experienced, I will work with you. It is very easy to learn and , you will find that most of our callers are really looking for someone to just talk to. However, the TAROT readings can be very accurate, as well as the ASTROLOGY and NUMEROLOGY. You will not only amaze yourself but your callers also.
The most difficult part of this job is to disipline yourself.