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More Information

If you care about people, like to talk on the phone, have a knack for listening and problem solving, as well as a spiritual nature then this very well could be the job for you. You need to be open minded and non judgemental too. You just never know what you might hear next from a caller.

You can earn a very nice income and help others out at the same time. You would be providing guidance to the callers of our 900 line. There are some requirements:
You have to be willing to read TAROT CARDS
YOU need to do your best take 10 to 15 hours of calls a week
You need to keep a call average this does not mean keeping every caller on for 20 minutes but it does mean that you need to keep a 20 minute call average to keep the calls coming in. This is not that difficult if you listen to what I tell you and you follow the guidelines that I send to you.
You are required to to supply your own Cards. These can be found for under $15.00. I will send you a email with information so that you can obtain them.

To begin there are no fees ever for you to begin working. You will need to either have a phone without call waiting, voice mail, no answering or a fax machine hooked up. If you can we do reccomend a second phone line. This is not required. A few more things we recommend are a headset, a book to help with your calls, (I do send information as well) and a notebook.
You are required to to keep a log of your calls so that you can turn these in for the address bonus. These pages can be emailed, faxed or mailed in.
Of course a deck of Tarot Cards.
THAT IS IT!!! ;o)

The Psychic Readers Network (PRN) and The Premium Line both forward calls to your system phone number through their phone system. Therefore, the caller cannot obtain any personal information about you. You log into there system via your telephone dialing a 800 number. Calls are coming in 24/7 so you can log in whenever you choose to work. Of course there are times that are busier, than others. Your calls are sent to you on a priority basis the higher your average the more often your calls are sent in as well as the quality of calls too.
When the call comes in you will hear a PROMPT List will be provided for both lines.
All calls are timed per FCC Regulations, the above are how long the call may last not a guarantee of how long the call will last the caller can end the call whenever they choose.
All times are to be recorded in Eastern Standard time, so if you are in another time zone it is a good idea to have a clock with a second hand set to Eastern Standard time.
There is no selling involved.